This Side Up Reception Tips

Over the years we’ve picked up on a lot of things that the hosts can do to really help make a party great, but aren’t always considered. Of course, we’re happy to indulge any of your wishes, but we encourage you to help us HELP YOU by following these suggestions:
  • Request a stage for the band at your reception hall. Not only does this help us be seen by everyone, but it allows us to connect with the audience to reinforce the idea that we’re putting on a show.

  • Select popular songs for your special dances rather than obscure ones – guests appreciate songs they recognize and will actually pay more attention to you dancing.

  • A little cheese can be good. Many couples get nervous about The Electric Slide, the Grease Megamix, or even too many slow songs, but these songs are some of the best ones to get a crowd up and moving and can be the most enjoyable.

  • Avoid too many stops that interrupt the flow of the night, especially once the dancing starts. Things like the garter/bouquet toss and dollar dance are best when done right before the band goes on a break because they can interrupt the open dancing.

  • Encourage speakers to keep toasts short and to the point, when they drag out people get bored and lose interest.

  • If you hire a special musician for dinner music (harpist or violinist), make sure they can be seen by your guests. Otherwise, some may think you’re only playing a CD!

  • Once dinner is over, people are only interested in 2 things: cake and music. Don’t drag other things out and delay those events otherwise you lose people.

  • Dance to as many songs as you can – especially the first 3-4. Guests are much more likely to join in if the bride and groom are out on the floor.

  • If you’ve hired competent, reputable vendors, allow them, as the experts, to do what they know works best. In the case of the band, don’t get too hung up over picking every song they do, they know best what works and what doesn’t, and they will make sure they cater the song list for your reception to ensure things flow well and people are dancing and having a great time.

  • Relax and have fun. You’ve earned it!

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