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Let us help you beyond the reception

This Side Up can do more than just rock your reception. We can also provide support in many other aspects of your special day. Some of these "Value Added Services" we can do at no additional charge, while others have costs associated with them. Either way, ALL of these services will be quoted to you individually so you have a clear understanding of our charges and you can choose exactly what you need. Simply indicate anything you'd like help with when you check our availability and we'll be happy to show you what we can do.

This Side Up Horn Section
"Special Delivery"

If you love the sound of our 6-piece band, you will be absolutely blown away when you hear us with our horn section, Special Delivery! This 3-piece combination of brass and saxophones truly enhances the excitement of live music. There's definitely a brighter vibe when our entire 9-piece "big band" performs together. These brass musicians put the chunk in our funk and the thing in our swing! Adding the horn section to our group not only augments our standard set list, but also allows us to play several songs that are impossible to do without horns. Check out the difference the horns can make in this horn comparison video!

Reception Assistant

Our experience suggests, for receptions in which a Wedding Planner is not involved, that it helps to have someone serve as the "timekeeper" or "coordinator" throughout the day, to ensure things progress as planned. Kim Maalouf can take on that responsibility for you, so you and your guests can spend your time that day enjoying your once-in-a-lifetime event. She'll keep an eye on the clock and make sure the bride and groom are ready to proceed to the next activity. She can be your laison with the reception staff to reduce any confusion and so you don't have to be bothered with every little question. Or, if you prefer to work with a professional Wedding Planner for your big day we can put you in contact with one of the many planners we know.

"Your coordination of keeping everything together the day of the wedding was amazing. Everything looked great, everyone had a great time, it couldn't have been better. You made my wedding day such a great experience, because I didn't have to worry about a thing!" - Gretchen Swann, nee Wildauer

Play Along with the Band

Can you or one of your guests sing or play an instrument? If so, let this be the opportunity to show off your talent to your friends and family! We're happy to let someone play with us; just let us know the song, artist, and instrument you would like to play (at least 60-days prior to your wedding reception) and we'll be ready. We'll even schedule one rehearsal ahead of time "Free of Charge" to ensure everyone is ready (however, we would need to be compensated for any additional practice or instruction time beyond that). You're welcome to use our equipment for both the rehearsal and the performance.

Secondary Sound System

Most outdoor or non-traditional wedding spaces, and even some churches do not have a sound system to enable your guests to hear what is being said during the ceremony. In addition, some dining halls are set up away from the dancing space, so you can't use the band's sound system for announcements, toasts, or dinner music. We're here to help! For a nominal fee, we can set up a secondary, remote sound system to serve these needs. We're afraid that this only pertains to sites that are in the vicinity of the dancing location (within a 5 minute drive), but it may be possible to work something out for more distant locations. Of course, under normal circumstances where we only need one sound system there is no additional charge.

Reception Photography

Our experience has shown that some of the best pictures can come late in the evening when you and your guests have really loosened up and start acting silly with the band. Typically, most photographers are not contracted to the very end of the night. That's where Kim Maalouf can step in to capture those images that would have only been in your memory. While Kim is not a professional photographer, she is an experienced amateur photographer with professional equipment (check out her work in our photo page!). The images on our website are at a lower resolution for better web performance, but for a modest fee, we can send you a CD full of all Kim's pictures at photo quality resolution (usually around 50 photos at 8-10 megapixel resolution).

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