This Side Up Wedding FAQ

How will your band dress for my wedding? However you like us! We have matching formal outfits with vests, semi-formal dress shirts, and even casual options. The lady of the group will compliment the men's outfits too. Rest assured, we'll match the formality (or informality) of your event.
Will the music be too loud for my guests to talk? We have never had a problem with being too loud, but please let us know if we are and we'll be happy to turn things down to suit your taste. One advantage we offer is that we use electronic drums which enable us to keep the volume extremely low, and still sound great.
Will someone be available to make announcements and or MC the reception? (Announce bridal party etc.) Absolutely! We consider that a critical part of our job. Whether you need us to announce the bridal party, oversee the cake cutting, facilitate the garter toss, mention special birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever, we'll be glad to help out. We will also work with the on-site manager of the facility and/or event coordinator to ensure everything runs as scheduled throughout the reception.
My reception area is pretty small. What's the minimum size area This Side Up needs? If your reception area is big enough for dancing, it's big enough for us. We prefer an area 20' wide by 12' deep when performing with our full horn section. However, we can accommodate smaller spaces if need be. Just let us know the details and we'll determine what we can do.
Does This Side Up need a stage to play on? We strongly recommend that you make arrangements for a stage. It makes a great impression on your guests and really helps us connect with the audience, which is an essential part of having a live band. You'll find that most country clubs and reception halls have stages available upon request. We'd prefer something that's 6 inches to 2 feet off the ground set up adjacent to the dance floor, but we can make anything work.
Will my guests have to come on stage to make a toast? We have wireless microphones, so anyone making a toast can do so from the seating area or wherever they like!
How long does the band play, and how many breaks do you take? We typically play 2-3/4 hours of dance music over a 3 hour time period (a 75-minute set, a 15-minute break, and a second 90-minute set). This is around 40 songs total. We can adjust to whatever schedule you'd like to keep.
Can you play during dinner or cocktails? We can, but most people prefer for us to play pre-recorded "dinner music" via CD or MP3 player through our PA system. Live cocktail/dinner music will not be included in our quoted price unless you request it.
What happens when you are on break? We always have a CD/MP3 player connected to our PA system to play music, whether it's before we start performing and during breaks. Breaks are also a good opportunity to take care of any announcements or additional toasts you or your guests would like to make. Besides, it's a good idea to let your guests take a rest from all the dancing they'll be doing!
If we have a special song that we need the band to learn for our dance is this possible? Yes. We will do our best to accommodate learning a special song(s) for you. We simply ask that you inform us of your song request at least 60 days in advance. Please understand, there are SOME limitations to songs we can perform, so let's talk about it first.
What if I need help picking songs for my reception? We have plenty of experience packing the dance floor, so we encourage you to leave a large part of that planning to us. However, we have several suggestions on our Suggestion List taken from our Hot 100 Set List to assist you in picking the perfect songs for your special dances, and we're even capable of adding a "special request". Keep in mind that some songs on the list are rarely played, so we would appreciate as much notice as possible (ideally 30 days) on specific songs you'd like to hear to make them sound fantastic for you. Also, when selecting an unlisted song we suggest that you remember your guests and try not to pick something too obscure.
Can you guarantee that the same people I saw at another show will be the ones performing for my event? Unfortunately, no. Our experience has taught us that it's necessary to have a band that is flexible enough to commit to an event a year or more in the future. With up to nine musicians, we may run into situations where one or two performers in our standard lineup are unable to make a particular event. In those cases, we have experienced alternates that we use on a regular basis who can perform equally as well. Even though they look different, there will be no effect on the quality of music or entertainment that you receive.
What's the deal with the hats? If you've never been to a This Side Up show, you may wonder where all the funny hats come from that are seen in our pictures. We bring along our ever growing collection of hats to help break the ice, add to the festive atmosphere, and give people an excuse to mug for photos. But rest assured, if you don't feel the hats are right for your event, we will leave them at home.
Why should I hire This Side Up over a DJ? This Side Up offers many advantages. There's the personal interaction you get with the music - watching the singer's facial expressions, giving the guitarist a high-five after a solo, or even playing an instrument along with the band. A live band can leave a much stronger memory than simply piping in dance music. Guests are more likely to stick around to see what's going to happen when they see a stage full of instruments. Reception pictures are generally going to be more interesting. We can even change the lyrics to personalize a song for you. Not to mention, we play CD's while we're on break - so hiring us is like getting a DJ and a band all in one!
Why should I hire This Side Up over another band? There are a lot of great bands out there. But not many with the variety of singers we have - up to five different male leads and one female. The size of our group, especially when accompanied by our horn section, also allows us to play all the musical parts that you'd recognize from the original artist. Our set list is broader in scope than most bands, appealing to everyone from your grandfather to your kid sister. We have years of experience performing for weddings, and can even provide extra services that you might not expect from a band. Our professional sound and lighting systems come with a dedicated sound engineer, and we provide your very own entertainment coordinator to help you plan entertainment details and coordinate events on your big day. Beyond that, This Side Up projects tons of energy and delivers a fun time for everyone. We have exceeded the expectations of everyone who has hired us, and we'd be happy to supply you with a list of references.
Why shouldn't I hire a less expensive option? Excellent question! We believe you have one chance at making your reception the most memorable day for you and your guests, and while there are many details to consider, the entertainment is arguably the most important one. Most guests will remember the entertainment much more than the food, cake, and flowers at the reception. You'll want top-notch performers if you want your reception to be above average. Like everything else you buy, with entertainment you get what you pay for, so be sure you know exactly what you're getting.
Can I pay by credit card? Unfortunately, we can no longer provide this payment option. Please make arrangements to pay by check or cash prior to your event.
OK, I'm ready to book This Side Up. What do I need to do? Feel free to contact Kim Maalouf by phone at (937)626-0218 or by email at thissideup AT thissideup DOT us. Another option would be to check our availability for your date by filling out our online form. It contains most of the information Kim needs to give you a quote, which is usually done in 48 hours.

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