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Jumping along with Come On Eileen at a graduation party.
Here's one of our newest tunes, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
The crowd sings Don't Stop Believing with John at this graduation party
Sean demonstrates his rapping flair with Pitbull's Fireball at the 2015 Taste of Miamisburg
Uptown Funk!
Check out the Greatest Hits from the 2014 Alter Father-Daughter Dance, including several new songs. Listen to the crowd sing along!
The crowd starts to filter in as we play Soul Man for the Miami Hospital Gala
Halli shows off her tambourine skills for Walking on Sunshine
Danny sings the Stevie Wonder classic, Sir Duke
Here we are at the Lebanon Independence Day celebration, appropriately singing Party in the USA
As the sun set, the crowd goes crazy for I Gotta Feeling
Rony nails the guitar solo for this Guns N' Roses hit
Here's our latest video of our performance at the Dayton Art Institute's Oktoberfest, 2008. Girl Power!

"Man! I Feel Like a Woman"

It was another fantastic evening at the Boonshoft Gala. People loved the addition of the horn section this time, especially on numbers like this.

"Love Shack"

We caught Sean's vocal debut on tape! You might be in trouble if you stick a microphone in front of a drummer, but in our case it turned out to be musical gold! And people are dying to know what Halli says at that break near the end...

"I Saw the Sign"

Kim made the rounds as people were jamming along to this Ace of Base hit during the University of Dayton alumni reunion. Maybe YOU'RE on video!

Funky Dancers

We invited some ladies in the audience to come up and dance with us on stage as we played our Funk Medley. UD knows how to rock a porch!

"Before He Cheats"

We had the time of our lives playing at the Fraze Pavilion on May 29, 2008. Here we are playing another crowd favorite, Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats". Man, that sun was bright!

"Sweet Child O Mine"

The cheers always start when Rony plays this opening lick. These ladies were having a great time singing along with Halli. Did I mention that the sun was bright!

"Seven Bridges Road"

Another Fraze Pavilion clip from our May performance. We at This Side Up truly value the opinions of our audience members. More bright sun!

"Grease Megamix"

This song always brings down the house as people sing, dance, and act along with the band's tribute to the musical Grease. Just like the megamix you hear in the clubs, we segue from "You're the One That I Want" into "Greased Lightning" and end with "Summer Nights". You'll love to ham it up with the band at the end!

Anniversary Dance

Here's an idea that worked great during a recent wedding we played. We started by inviting all married couples to the dance floor, and as the song progressed we would dismiss couples by their anniversary year, starting with the most recent. Watch this all the way to the end to see the (unplanned) applause that broke out by the time we got down to the last few couples! This is a great was to demonstrate the love that can last "Through the Years"...

Horn Comparison

If you're curious about how This Side Up sounds with horns, watch this video to see a comparison in the two band configurations for the same song. The band sounds great either with or without horns, but there's definitely an extra dimension when we add the three-piece horn section. Be sure to request them when you book us.

"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)"

This has got to be one of the longest conga lines we've ever seen! We had a blast playing at the Alter High School Father/Daughter dance in March 2008.

"Mustang Sally"

Here we are at the Dublin Pub with our brand new horn section. Check out the sax solo by Bill Burns and trumpet solo by Brian West.

"Sweet Caroline"

A UD favorite, everyone loves to sing along with the horns on this Neil Diamond classic. And John looks so fancy in his pink feather hat!

"Stayin' Alive"

Check out the bride busting a move with one of the groomsmen!

"Funk Medley"

For New Years Eve 2007 we had the honor of playing for the Dayton Racquet Club on the top floor of the Kettering Tower.

"50's Medley"

We play "Do You Love Me" and move into "The Twist". This medley is especially popular with an older audience who actually remembers the 50's! Also check out our brand new dance floor lights!

"Love Will Keep Us Alive"

Slow dances always draw the couples to the dance floor. Notice how people are drawn to the dance floor as the song continues.

"Hard to Handle"

A corporate Holiday Party at the Dayton Convention Center. Everyone was laughing, dancing, and singing along.

"Any Way You Want It"

Here's a fun video of the band at AlterFest 2007. Get introduced to all the band members.

"I'll Stand By You"

A short video clip taken during our performances at Alter Fest and the Boonshoft Gala. Please note that the sound is a little distorted due to the camera location and recording microphone limitations. The sound was clear and not too loud at the actual events - notice the people talking while they are dancing. Enjoy!

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