Wedding Reception Itinerary Form

Tips for filling out this form:
Below are some tips and explanations for filling out this form. In all cases we have listed traditional items, activities, orders, etc. However, every wedding reception is different. Please feel free to alter these traditions any way you see fit, do not feel bound by the form. In some cases we may make suggestions based on our experience but the final decisions are always yours. Please discuss any questions or concerns you may have with Kim Maalouf.

If you are working with a wedding consultant or event planner that will also be planning an itinerary, feel free to send a copy of that instead or put them in contact with Kim Maalouf.

Your Information

Rest assured, we will only use this information to contact you. We will not forward it to any third party.

The Wedding of: This is primarily to keep together any information you give us. It also helps during our preparation calls (to the reception hall, for example) to refer to it as "the Doe-Smith Wedding".

Other Names & Numbers

This is just a central location for all the contacts, addresses, and phone numbers we could use to coordinate our part of your reception.

Venue Address
Please include directions if it is a residence or outside of the greater Dayton/Cincinnati/Columbus area.

Reception Preparation

These are specific tasks we need to take care of before your guests arrive.

What time can the band arrive to set-up?
Please indicate how early in the day the band will be able access to the room they will be in. It is necessary to know if there is another event in the reception room, as many venues schedule several events in a day.

Refreshments for the Entertainers
Making provisions for refreshments for the band is always welcomed and appreciated, but NEVER expected. Please consider that with set up and tear down, their workday may be eight hours or more. You may choose to serve them at a guest table or make arrangements for sandwiches or a deli tray with water and soft drinks to be served in a separate room or different location. Many people generously treat the band as they do the guests with dinner. Please indicate your preferences as your personal style dictates.

Set-up / Guest Arrival
The band will make it a point to be out of sight when the guests first arrive (unless, of course, you'd like us to play as your guests enter). While setting up, they prefer to wear more casual clothing. Thus the band always tries to be finished with set up by the time the guests arrive so that they have time to change into formal attire.

Primary Contact during the Reception
We strongly urge you to choose a friend or family member that is not in the bridal party. The band leader (or Kim Maalouf) will report to this person for instructions, which will allow the bride and groom to enjoy the party rather than feeling like they have to “manage” things. Also, it is important that the band leader (or Kim Maalouf) only have one person to whom he/she should answer on the day of the wedding. At a reception, bands are often given conflicting instructions by different people. Please let the band leader (or Kim Maalouf) know whom to work with.

Dinner Details

These are details we need to know to make the dinner portion of your reception as smooth as possible.

Please indicate who will be speaking and when. The band will see that the right person receives the microphone at the right time.

Dances & Song Selections

Now for the fun stuff! We've listed the most traditional dances in the typical order they are done, but feel free to create an agenda that would best suit your own family.

Dancing Start Time
Regardless of what time the reception begins or what time your guests arrive, it is always important to clarify what time you actually want a band to start playing. The band can play recorded music through cocktails and dinner.

First dance
Please indicate your song choice, preferably from the list provided. Also, for this first dance, some couples like to bring the rest of the bridal party onto the dance floor to join them midway through the song. Others prefer to remain a duo. Please specify your preference.

Father / daughter dance
Again, indicate your song choice from the list provided.

Mother / son dance
This song is sometimes combined with the Father / daughter dance.

Bouquet / Garter toss
Please indicate if you are doing this, and what time you would like to have this activity. Traditionally this occurs later in the evening, but sometimes it is performed earlier, so that most guests are still present.

Cake Cutting
Please indicate what time you would like an announcement to be made (if during entertainer performance).

Other announcements
Please indicate if you require use of a microphone for any other announcements.

Other special requests
This Side Up is willing to learn a special song or two when given ample time to learn the songs.

Please let Kim Maalouf know prior to the engagement date if you have a preference as to when the band takes breaks.

Bridal Party Introductions (Names)

Introductions are usually performed either after the guests are seated for dinner or right before the first dance.

We have listed the traditional order for introductions. Please feel free to alter this as your situation dictates. Please indicate any non-traditional relationships as necessary.

Please write a phonetic spelling next to names that are hard to pronounce. Your emcee will go over pronunciation of all names with you before it is time to announce them.

Parents of the Bride
Please indicate if they are the hosts of the party.

Bridal Party Couples (In Order)
Traditional order is as they processed down the aisle during the ceremony.

Best Man / Maid (or Matron) of Honor
Please indicate “Maid” or “Matron” of honor.

Bride and Groom
Please indicate the specific way you would like to be introduced on this day. It can be formal or informal: “The new Mr. and Mrs. John Doe,” “John and Jane Doe,” “John Doe and Jane Smith,” etc.