Rony - Guitar, Keyboard, & Vocals
Born: Liberia
Playing since: 1984
Musical favorites/ influences: Eagles, Toto, Journey, Pink Floyd, Tears For Fears, John Mayer, Dire Straits and all 80ís music.
Previous bands: Young Hearts, Classix, Sankofa, Sirrius, This Side Up
Accomplishments/ Points of Interest: Speak 3 languages/Shiniest bald spot in the band
Capabilities (other instruments): Drums, Bass
Equipment: Hamer Custom, Ernie Ball Music Man (Luke), Traynor YCV40WR Amp, Kurzweil PC88MX Keyboard, Roland Phantom XR
Quote: "He who laughs last thinks slowest"
Favorite food: Thai Food
Favorite TV show: The Food Channel
Favorite film: The Fifth Element
What I'm most proud of: My son
Hobbies: Soccer, composing, dancing in the dark
Secret talent: Independent, on-demand movement of certain body parts.