Erika - Vocals
Born: Cincinnati, OH
Playing since: 2009
Musical favorites/ influences: My Dad, Etta James, Taj Mahal, Aretha Franklin, Adele, Bonnie Raitt, Alicia Keys, Andra Day
Previous bands: Cincinnati's Off the Cuff, The Mile High Band, American Graffiti Band, The Juice.
Accomplishments/ Points of Interest: Singing with a Blues band and performing in sold out shows in Italy. Recording a Christmas album.
Capabilities (other instruments): Crazy Cowbell!
Equipment: My Shure 55SW with blue screen
Quote: "Play it beautiful. I don't care if you don't hit all the right notes, if you don't touch someone's heart it's not music."
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite TV show: Survivor
Favorite film: anything Marvel, Lion King which has the best opening scene of any Disney movie, PERIOD!
What I'm most proud of: My daughter
Hobbies: Zoo trips with my family, discovering and trying new activities and lazy Sundays on the back porch drinking espresso and/or prosecco
Secret talent: The ability to keep secrets!